Professional Development


Drive successful training and development in your MAT

Put training and development at the heart of your MAT with Frog. With smart design aesthetics and rich, intuitive features and tools the Frog Professional Development Platform is sure to make a statement about the value you put on your workforce.


Empowering staff across the Multi-Academy Trust

Make a difference right across the Trust by delivering rich and engaging training from inductions through to compliance responsibilities.

Staff benefit from CPD opportunities whilst feeling protected by role-specific training that supports day-to-day decision making and confidence in handling difficult situations.



An engaging way to deliver large scale compliance and CPD training content.


A dream tool for trainers to create content and deliver engaging modules.


Easily enable your workforce to book onto online or offline events. 


Keep track of your team training status, inductions and training requests.


Training at the heart of your culture

Whether a small MAT that values a culture of learning or a large Trust looking to promote a consistent way of working and united culture, Frog has what you need to make it happen.


Visibility of Trust-wide Training

Frog supports you in making training visible and accessible throughout the Trust and intuitive reporting puts the data right in front of you!


Save money. Save time.

Prevent wastage in training and developing your staff. Build efficiencies into your MAT training programme with Frog, making sure the training budget is used wisely and resources go further.



Frog lets you deliver a comprehensive training programme to your staff, in ways that work for them. It looks engaging, works on any device, supports multiple learning styles and provides useful reports to inform and manage staff development.